Registration Monday 8 am Eastern Time

Looking for ways to increase the effectiveness on how we lead . . . is a webinar designed to help leaders (business and community) develop and implement powerful turnkey systems which will assist us to better communicate our vision to the entire team!  Thank you for your interest in registration for a webinar/conference call for Monday 8:00 am (est).  (7:00 am - cst,  6:00 am - mst,  5:00 am - pst) 

We also drill into a specific area of the 5/30 Box which will help businesses and non profit/community based organization to better partner together.  For non profits, learn how to generate larger contributions and improve the effectiveness of those who volunteer.  For businesses, learn how to better partner to reach more targeted prospects/clients as a result of partnering with great non profit organizations.


What is your Life Vision?

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