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STOP . . . Child Trafficking!

STOP . . . Child Trafficking!

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Let's be honest and very direct!  Men, by and large have created this issue, and Men need to step up to put a stop to this.  Years ago I prayed, for three years, that God would give me a heart for other children as He has given me for my own children.

Why did I pray this prayer?  It seems to me that God would have us, have His heart and I realized, one day, that God loved every child in the world as much as He did my seven children so I should seek that as well.  After three years of praying, it seemed, that God answered that prayer.  After He did, my life and perspective changed and I then thought . . . "Mark, what in the world were you thinking in praying that prayer?  If seven children were not enough weight on your heart, why would you pray for the weight of every child in the world."

Let's be serious men . . . "Think about it!  If your sister, daughter, grand daughter were kidnapped and put into the sex trade would you be as busy as you are now and not do anything?  Would the excuses you come up with hold water?  In getting involved my CFO is very concerned about the people resources we use as a company, the money we give, and maybe most of all my time.  When I'm 'In' I tend to be ALL IN and that is of great concern to my CFO.  I do submit to him and my board but I also do as David did in building the temple and say 'If I can give do it all, I will do everything I can do.'"

Let face it . . . there is something very powerful about men getting involved and men who are business owners are even more powerful.  In being blessed to be an international speaker and author I have found that everywhere I've traveled around this world that America Business Owners are revered.  Why?  They produce jobs! 

As a business owner I will squeeze out every ounce of energy I can, probably more than my CFO would like me to and trust God with the increase.  I believe that for every hour I give of myself that God will give me three hours back.  I believe that for every dollar I contribute that God will give me three dollars back.  The increase is in His hands and and I trust Him for any increase.  The more time I have, the more dollars God blesses me with the more time and dollars I can invest into this and other Kingdom related activities.

If you are moved to take action by the videos and the above message we would like to offer you a complimentary Entrepreneurialism Survey and a complimentary interview/strategy session to see if there are ways that you can increase the effeciencies of your business so you'll have more time, resources, and money to give to this and other Kingdom causes. 

For women, we are not leaving you out as you have gifts that we as guys do not have and to fully compliment the body we need everyone to give of their gifts to the amazing cause.  Sometimes I think woman tend to have such big hearts that it gives the guys in their lives a pass.  Talk to the man/men in your life and see if they are willing to step up to the plate on this.

If you are a woman business owner / Christian professional and would like to get involved we would like to offer you the same thing as the above.

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