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Would you like to improve your message and get better leads?

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  • How valuable would it be to have more and better leads for your business?  

  • What if those leads were so good that they closed faster and you were able to convert more of your prospects into clients?

This Course Will . . .

* Help you earn more money
* Help you work less hours
* Help you have less stress
* Improve your life balance

This simple seven week course, one hour a week, will change the way you use messages and communication to improve your processes from marketing to sales to clients for life. An eighth bonus lesson is included!

Simple - Unexpected - Concrete - Credible - Emotional - Stories

With powerful insights from the book “Made to Stick” and much more, Sticky Messages will help you to learn how to write powerful copy. It will help to improve:

  • Marketing to write  the best message

  • Pre-sales to convert more prospects into clients

  • Sales to convert those prospects faster

  • Servicing to gain more referrals

  • “Clients For Life” to create more life-long relationships.   


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"I am earning more money, working less hours as a result of this white paper on how to communicate a more sticky message."

"I have never experienced anything like this white paper.  I was hoping that it would help me earn more money and work less hours!  It does so much more!"
"It has helped me to listen at a deeper level, communicate in a effective way and literally see the world with a different set of eyes.  Thank You!"

- Mark Elkins - Business Owner


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