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Our Biggest Challenges/Problems . . . SOLVED!

Have you ever been frustrated with someone else in your life who said they had a challenge or a problem, you had the answer, and they didn't seem to want to discover/find a solution?

Any idea as to why this was so frustrating to you?

I think it's because we do that in our own lives as well. The follow survey/series of questions took over 25 years to discover, refining, and have the ability to present to you today, right now.

I guess the real question we really all have to ask ourselves is "Do we really want to fix our biggest challenge/our problem, and when do we want to fix it?"

Tough Truth . . . TIP: The longer we have the the challenge, the harder it seems for us to fix it on our own, and the more likely we are to have some level of delusion that we are doing what we need to do, right now, to fix it. If you are REALLY NOT READY to fix your problem fairly quickly, probably best NOT to take this survey as it will reveal the truth.

If you have not taken the survey from The Vision Project ( that will also give you more energy, motivation, passion to get it fixed sooner, rather than later. Take it here

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