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Some very interesting questions . . . Level 1 Hiring Questions

Are you looking to find the ideal career position to fit your talents, gifts, experiences, and passions?  This is a great way to find your
dream position. 

What does the survey mean?

For Applicants . . .
Have you ever wondered how you could present yourself in the most positive manner and what powerful questions you could ask the interviewer which would impress them?  Have you ever thought you should have been offered the position, but then for some reason were not?  Are you looking to learn how to think like the interviewer/manager/owner and gain the edge in the interview?  This small investment could make the difference between getting a job and being passed over.

For Employers . . .
If you would like to have specific feedback, insights, and/or coaching to help you choose the right applicant consider a written or phone interview/review over the information provided by the applicant.  Learn what the strengths and weaknesses for an applicant, what motivates them, why they would be an amazing fit for your company or why they might not be a good fit.  Learn to see past the resume/data and drill deep in not only looking at their personality but also how coachable they are, strengths, weaknesses, how and why they think the way they do, how they will fit into the team/other personality types and a whole lot more.

1. Written Assessment . . . $45/each
Assessment includes review over your personality, how coachable you are, how you can present yourself in a more positive light. Will help you to ask the best questions which will set you apart from others who will be interviewing.

2. Live Phone Interview/Review . . . $195/each
Would you benefit from a certified Personality Masteries consultant helping you to not only interview an applicant but also assist you discover their full potential.  Investment includes a three way interview with the applicant and a debrief session after the interview to provide additional insight on the type of fit this individual would be with your organization as well as how to best bring the individual on board.

Wrong hiring costs employees and employers tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of time.  Individuals who go through this process are forever grateful for our assistance and employers are amazed at how quickly we are able to assess a right fit and then assist in helping the right individual choose the position.

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