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Unique Interview for Sales Position

"Have you hired the wrong people in the past?  Have you ever hired someone, they seemed to be a great hire initially but then crashed and burned at some later on.  Do you have challenges in hiring and/or managing sales people?  Does your sales for have challenges in selling to their full potential.  Success in hiring sales people and really any position starts in the hiring process.  Learning to use the power of Personality Masteries is a great way to start a professional relationship and when used properly, will hire the right people, in the right way, at the right time and will create relationships for a life time.  If you're amazed by this as most people are when they listen / view the session connect with the individual who invited you to participate or you can call toll free 888.230.2300 ext 222 for additional information as to how you can learn how to interview in the same way."

[First Phone Interview For Sales Position]

Dear Mark,
I just wanted to comment about yesterday's recorded interview with John. As you know I had reservations about this process being a recorded event with others participating who aren't vested in the outcome. Now, after the meeting I have a lot more appreciation for the process. I hope our candidate John found it useful as well. The assessments you shared with him are highly valuable throughout his career and personal life. We all need to understand who and how we are so we can be more successful in all the roles we have in life.
Best regards,




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