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How to deal with Arrogant Leaders . . .

Often people who accuse others of being arrogant are arrogant themselves.  Often the most arrogant people give the impression they are not and are very religious and humble . . . when in fact they are not.  They are often speakers, pastors or people who get in front of others and learn to seduce the audience in many ways.  

Watch this video and see if you believe if anyone who watches this video could really be arrogant.  

Great leaders don't have to be told where they are off . . . "In just the right way." or "At the right time." or "With the right heart." or "With the right motive."  Great leaders can be told in front of those they are leading how wrong they are and will embrace this without becoming defensive or offended.  Great leaders really know they are stupid and embrace others who point it out to them and embrace those people.  

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Co-Laboring With Christ
What should we do, to do our part?  What is God's part?  How do we discern the difference?  What does a new start up church offer that the current churches do not?

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Work Is Worship - Children & Grandchildren -  
Young people don't know what work and worship really is.  Tips for being a
great grandfather - Listening - good questions - shut up when the Holy
Spirit tells you to shut up.  Questions that show true concern and not
judgement.  Don't have an agenda.  Know our role.

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Is Death the END or just the BEGINNING
The joy of death when we know were we will spend eternity.  How to get one's business running without them.  The value of mentoring and mastermind group.  C12 and involved was in the early years.

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Having Peace - Knowing Our Life Calling From God
Have you ever wondered what your life calling was?  Do you have peace in your life?  What is peace?  Why don't people know their life purpose?  Is it that people don't think.  Ralph shares with Mark a lot of deep wisdom on peace, knowing God and Mark's Life Vision of touching every single person in the world, one person at a time, in a deep, fun and exciting way.  Yes . . . that's 7+ Billion People.  Very interesting conversation.

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More on Team Building & Our Gifts
Ralph digs into more on I Cor 12 and some into chapter 13.  Tough / frustrating call in many ways as it's not black and white and often not clear.   When should we submit to one another?  How do we really know if we're being lead by the Holy Spirit?  Is there some order, process or wisdom in methodology or is it pretty much random mostly?   

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One's Calling . . . Having Community
How do we honor one another's gifts?  How do best combine, integrate our gifts with others?
Our culture has become individual focus which promotes "Me." 1 Cor. 12 - Wow, what an amazing session - apostles - prophets - teachers - miracles - healings - helps - governments - diversities of tongues

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The Miracle Of Every Entrepreneur
Wow, pretty sure that you've never heard what is shared on this.  There our four miracles every entrepreneur does and probably never even knows it.  This is a session you'll never forget and will change your life forever.   A MUST LISTEN!  Share this with others you know.  

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What are the BIG questions . . . we often don't ask? "Do you believe you were created for something unique and very special?"
Are you living every day with the understanding each and every day?  How God cares for each and everyone of us in some pretty amazing ways.  This is an amazing recording talking about God's care for each of us, end of life, how life is precious, creating life long memories, living in the moment and seeking to leave a legacy for future generations.

This ConversationDiscover Your Own Life Vision - Lesson 4

Getting Old . . . Is A State Of Mind
Ralph Miller shares his seven plus decades of experience and wisdom in how to keep a young state of mind and never get old.  Ralph shares how his mother in her 90's never got old.  Ralph shares specific actions items to be taken for those who are 70+ as to how to have a young mind and heart as well as some great practical advice for those around them as to the best way to help.

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What role do you play in the Body of Christ?  What does "Un-Comely Part" of the body mean.  If we're more mature how will the manifest itself?

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New thoughts from someone who has spent 78 years on this earth
I found this one most interesting.  It really challenged the way I think about things from a spiritual basis.  Very interesting and still trying to sort it out the next day.  Can our "righteousness" really be a God that we worship more than we worship God AND can our "righteousness" get in the way a deep personal relationship with God.   This one spun my head a number of different ways. 

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How To Have Perspective In Life
"How to have perspective with the death of a spouse after 51 years of marriage.  Why some people seem to enjoy living in their trouble.  How to have the mindset in our 70's of 'I love where I'm at in life right now.'"

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Do people really want to change?

Toward People - Market based on benefits.   (Optimistic) - Goals - Popularity - Open to Change
   - Never happy with the way they are.
   - Glass is half full

Away From - Market to them based on fear.  (Pessimists) - Shield them from fear/pain
   - Always fearful and therefore never trusting.
   - Glass is half empty

* Both are discontent but for different reasons.

Ideal . . .
  - Be thankful . . . you can't be in depression. 
     - We are thankful to the Lord.  We tend to bless those who bless us.  We want to server
        - A lack of thankfulness is selfishness . . . A lot of handicap people are caught up in themselves. 

  - Starts praying for other people.

What's NEXT . . .
* How do we look outward . .

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Great discussion and example from the Navy on submission and the power of submission and what it really means. Eph 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. - MP3

12/11/12 - MP3

10/23/12 - MP3

9/25/12 - MP3


Follow up to question on blind spots . . . - Click Here for MP3
Very interesting discussion on blind spots, life, business, and seeing success on all those area that God would have us to see success in.

Does everyone has the same number of blind spots? . . .
Ralph's perspective on this question Mark asked is very interesting. Why do some people succeed and others fail?


Why Gangs have vision and other groups/leaders do not . . .
- Click Here for MP3
When Mark asked Ralph what it took to build visionaries Ralph came back with the most interesting observation and insight. Pretty amazing session and insight for leaders and those who aspire to be visionaries. Will want to pass this one along to others.


Being a visionary . . . - Click Here for MP3

Ralph and Mark have a very interesting conversation about how to help individuals become visionaries. Discussion runs the full scope of having unlimited beliefs about possibilities through God's eyes, learning to see how God sees, and how many if not most business, education, churches, and government lack vision . . . and Ralph shares his thoughts as to why gangs have vision and do a better job at instilling it in people. (FREE Lesson Below)


Ralph Miller - Leadership - Click Here for MP3

Ralph Miller, successful business owner, university professor, author and speaker shares from his years experience the wisdom of being successful in life. This is a session that you will listen to more than once and will share it with others that you know.


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