What is your Life Vision?

Are you tired of hearing all about how great SOCIAL MEDIA while seeing that it hasn't earned you any money?

Are you frustrated by having large networks, lots of "friends," connections, and databases but not being able to turn it into money?

Do you really need to invest 30 minutes a day blogging, twittering, posting . . . in social media to make money?  Do you really need to do this for three to six months to see financial benefit?

The $150k group is a group that is equally fed up with all the talk about social media and the lack of results.  What this mastermind group is committed to do is to have each member earn $150,000+ over the next 12 months as a result of social media . . . but not because of it.

If that makes sense to you, but doesn't then check out below . . . to discover what this group is all about.

Mastermind Meetings
Mondays - 10 am (pst), 11 am (mst), 12 pm (cst), 1 pm (est)
218.862.7200 - Access Code: 473678 // webinar:
1. Setting up the group and getting our act together
2. Partnerships beginning and opportunities taking shape
3. Ongoing mastermind sessions
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