Our Goal
To assist politicians, from any party, to get elected, who do work for the people.  To assist people to gain the deep insight of truth to achieve true freedom in every area of their lives.  To empower communities throughout the country / world, to have the world view, which believes in the ability of people, to take personal ownership for success in their own lives and see amazing personal success within a vorticity economy.  

How We Accomplish This Goal
We believe that money within campaigns often plays a much larger role within campaigns and the election of those who enter into politics.  With so much energy being directed into raising money, it can be hard for politicians and/or those seeking office to really invest the time into helping the people with their core challenges / problems.

In a way . . . it's kind of like a dad or a mom who has to work so many hours to put food on the table that they never get a chance to really take the time with their children . . . and that is a shame.

This effort is facilitated through Life Masteries Institute (LMI) which is a 501c3 non profit organization.  LMI tends to attract people / professionals who are givers and desire to impact both the local as well as the world community.  These individuals have all come together and help politicians develop what is call a BOS - Business Operating System.

BOS - Business Operating System
This is the engine that runs our campaign and then the servicing of our constituents.  We generate the contributions we do, we work the hours we work, we have the stress in our life that we have and the balance in our lives we do or do not have . . . BECAUSE of the BOS that we have installed and are running as a team.  If we have and use great systems then our lives will be great.     IT'S PRETTY SIMPLE ACTUALLY!

There are three aspects to developing a BOS - Business Operating System
   1. DNA for PEOPLE
   2. DNA for BUSINESS (the entire operational aspect of what we do)
   3. DNA for LIFE


What is your Life Vision?

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