My Ideal Partnership
I come from a sincere desire to serve, and look to meet and connect with other business owners whose desire to serve is also a high priority.

What I Bring To A Partnership

I absolutely enjoy knowing more about people than their business.  I have found the world becomes smaller all the time and we never know what connections may be uncovered. I am a connector!

How I Make Money - My Ideal Lead
I have multiple businesses. Be Well Massage provides a nurturing place to escape life’s stresses and overcommitments. People who value healthy self-care are my ideal clients.
My Energy Consulting business offers consumers savings on their gas and electricity and also offers entrepreneurs income from sharing the savings.
My E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistant) business provides me an opportunity to brainstorm and execute marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

Legacy Partner Certification - Certified to provide solutions to business owners to assist owners to get their businesses to run without them.

ActionVision Coaching - Certified to design and build BOS - Business Operating Systems for any type of business.

White Papers
Karen Recommends

Online Courses
Karen Recommends

My Life Vision
As a beloved daughter of God, I accept the charge to live a life of purpose and meaning and journey with others to achieve the same, all while focusing on being a human being and not simply a human doing.

Sticky Messages
When we learn to communicate in a more effective way we see . . .


Prospect Conversation System
Learn to build a system to convert more prospects to clients.


My Story
I saw, as a child, a desire for entrepreneurship in my father. As an adult, I have embraced this lifestyle and found many opportunities to learn, grow, expand my world and meet the most amazing people.

The Secret About Time
What Is The Secret To Gaining 20 Extra Hours A Week Of Totally Free Time?


Sticky Messages
This seven week course was developed from decades of experience and over 48 weeks of effort.   Enjoy!


My Journal
My journal has revealed many important life events, but also contains much of my poetry which opens my heart to myself, and when shared, to others as well.

Profitable Partnerships. .WIN
Are you looking for ways to generate more and better leads and much greater profits


Personality Masteries
Identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds!  The most amazing course!


Additional White Papers

I am actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners. 

. . . Additional White Papers

Profitable Partnerships
Build a system to develop Profitable Partnerships with a lot of individuals.



What is your Life Vision?



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