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We know "Change Your Life" is a pretty strong statement but so many people who have attended have shared that this is precisely what has happened so we believe it will happen for you as well. If you don't find a location that fits your location needs please - register here - and we will put your name on a list for start up locations in your area.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Seating for the LIVE / in-person event, is limited to the FIRST 50 people who register.  You will be notified if you register and are not one of the first 50 people.  If you are not able to attend the LIVE / in-person, you are invited to attend the video streaming for the event, an equally amazing experience.  

Rasmussen College Room 107/108 2363 Sequoia Dr. Aurora, IL  (Chicago Area)

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There is no cost to attend BUT everyone is encourage to make a recommended contribution of $25 for those who attend the in-person and $5 to $10 for those who are attend the video streaming.  

Pay it Forward

Be generous and give based on the benefit you received.  Those who give more will get more and will follow through far more than those who do not give.

All contributions go to Life Masteries Institute, a non profit organization.  All contributions are used to support the event with any extra contributions going to support amazing causes of - Kids At Risk - Stop Child Trafficking - Veterans - Prevention & Over Coming Drug Addiction - Teen & Adult Suicide Prevent - Cancer Conqueror  to name a few.

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