Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate company in the world, helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easter Seals.  Mark Boersma is an international author and speaker with a vision to raise billions of dollars and impact all 7+ billion people.  

Tom and Mark co-authored the book Community / Business Partnerships which is inspiring business and community leaders to come together in monthly mastermind format to bring the best ideas, thoughts and practices to help raise money for great causes AND assist businesses grow their business . . . ALL AT THE SAME TIME! 

HOW is this accomplished?

Many worldwide thought leaders have come together and freely contributed their ideas, thoughts (i.e. their IP intellectual property) to Life Masteries Institute, a 501c3 non profit organization, for the betterment of people all around the world.  There is no cost to participate in Mastermind Seminars - Community / Business Partnerships.

There are three simple steps to go through to get your own chapter started.  There are resources, marketing pieces, videos, support, webinars that you / others can attend to learn how to start your own chapter with minimal effort and time.

Most individuals start out with people they know, friends, peers, associates, clients, referral sources, etc.  The process is fun and easy to do.

The Simple Explanation . . .
Step 1 - A Group of Three
Step 2 - Group of Seven
Step 3 - Monthly 90 Minute Meetings


The monthly meetings are fairly simple to understand in that there are seven segments with the first segment, Speed Networking, being 30 minutes long and then each of the other six segments being ten minutes in length.  

The three core segments - DNA for PEOPLE (Personality Masteries), DNA for BUSINESS (The 5/30 Grid) and DNA for LIFE (Natural laws) are the heart and soul of every business and community based organizations BOS - Business Operating System.

Each attendee receives a beautiful three ring binder which has details of the entire 12 month program which serves as an entire business organization system for them.  

Before you go to the following supporting links . . . remember . . . anything new is a little overwhelming. The first step is to register below that you have some interest.  Someone from Life Masteries Institute will connect with you to help you through the process.

Kevin King
 - Healthcare Solutions Team

I have been a part of many business groups and I have never experienced anything like this.  It combines science with excitement  . . .

Recorded Thoughts

Donyetta Jenkins
 - Business Owner

I have had struggles with follow through and building systems to get my business to run without me.  I love this program . . .

Recorded Thoughts

Steve Minnich
 - Financial Planning

As a radio host and running my own business having enough time to participate was my biggest concern.  This program transformed me in a week  . . .

Recorded Thoughts

Edward Kirch
 - Commercial Real Estate

The science behind this is obvious that omeone has invested decades into the system.  It is truly an amazing system, process and network. . .


Scott Allred - CPA
- Owner of accounting firm

Helping me to get my business to run without me.  Positioning my life to do what I really love and gain the spark for life, that I had lost . . .


Mark Elkins
- Arazu LLC

Assisting me build and install my own BOS - Business Operating System to get my business running without me and giving me more freedom . . .


GingerAnne Collins
- VEA Solutions

Being a young mother I wanted to work from home, choose the hours I wanted to work, decide who I worked with and the amount of money I wanted to earn . . .


John Stob
- Stob Consulting

I have been through Landmark education and so many other things that were helpful but I was just missing something, this system works . . .


Teresa Lekan
- Executive Virtual Assistant

I wanted to own my own company to gain the freedom I wanted but wasn’t sure what type of business to own.  This helped me to sort those things out and get started quickly . . .


Peter Schmitz
- Herbalife

I was struggling with leadership and getting the systems in place to recruit the right people and get all the systems in place.  This system and network works  . . .


- Web Developer

I love my freedom.  As a 23 year old man, I wanted to live where I wanted to live, get married, own a home, have the lifestyle I wanted and knew that I could not do that with a job . . .


Tom Kunz
- TK Enterprises

As past President of the largest real estate company in the world, CENTURY 21, I have been exposed to just about everything.  I have NEVER seen anything like this, ever..


Randy Eikermann - CPA
- Eikermann and Assoc

I had a successful accounting practice, doing well financially and in really all other areas of my life, but I was missing something.  This helped me to quickly find it . . .


Jerry Hays
- Kwik Kopy - 117

I love helping people and giving back and this system helps me to do that while taking my business to a whole new level of success . . .


Jewel Pendergrass - Realtor
 - Century 21 - LeMac Realty

I was in great need of systems, leadership and team mentoring and this system was amazing in getting me going on the right track . . .


Gregory Hullmann
 - Life Coach

I love people and have always had challenges in getting the tasks done.  These systems, this network is changing the way I do business and live life . . .



The Chicago chapter, on the third Thursday for each month from 10:30 to 12:00 (ct) does a LIVE broadcast stream.  You can join early and stay late for some amazing conversations, stories of success and to connect and network with others . . . from anywhere in the world!

Click Here for the LIVE Broadcast

Click here for info on registering for Live Events.

There are also Coffee Connections around the world which are starting to broadcast live as well.  To obtain the full live production schedule register here.  Click here to view list for Mastermind Seminars 12 Months Topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Seating for the LIVE / in-person event, is limited to the FIRST 50 people who register.  You will be notified if you register and are not one of the first 50 people.  If you are not able to attend the LIVE / in-person, you are invited to attend the video streaming for the event, an equally amazing experience.  

Rasmussen College Room 107/108 2363 Sequoia Dr. Aurora, IL  (Chicago Area)

Get Directions Here

There is no cost to attend BUT everyone is encourage d to make a recommended contribution of $25 for those who attend the in-person and $5 to $10 for those who are attend the video streaming.  

Pay it Forward

Be generous and give based on the benefit you received.  Those who give more will get more and will follow through far more than those who do not give.

All contributions go to Life Masteries Institute, a non profit organization.  All contributions are used to support the event with any extra contributions going to support amazing causes of - Kids At Risk - Stop Child Trafficking - Veterans - Prevention & Over Coming Drug Addiction - Teen & Adult Suicide Prevent - Cancer Conqueror  to name a few.  www.DNAforSuccess.com


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