Project Update
Life Masteries Institute would like to thank all those who continue to give financially as well as of their time and talents.  Things are really starting to come together.

Big Picture Update - Last updated: January 8th 2015
1. 94% to goal of Phase 1.  :-)  Only need $635 to hit the $11,500 target.
2. Interviewing for volunteer core management development team being formed now.
3. Interviewing programming / partnership firms who will develop the core application.
4. Developing infrastructure, design and database requirements for the project.  

Discussion With Large Development Firm

This is an exciting recorded conversation with a large company who developed 2,000 mobile apps last year and believe they will do 5,000 this year.  They were so excited about LIFEgps that they are interested in making it to where it would be integrated with all the other applications they have built.  

Discussion With David About Concept And His  Involvement
This project is attracting some very high level experienced talent like David.  Great overview of the vision of the app and how people can get involved in a number of different ways.  It's so interesting to see the types of people who are getting involved and how we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could on our own.


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