There are so many powerful solutions that it’s really impossible to list them all.  We have listed the most popular solutions other business owners have found beneficial to assist you in moving in the right direction.  Best to talk with the individual who referred you to this site, a certified Legacy Partner - BOS or please feel free to call toll free in the US 888.230.2300 or outside the US 630.393.9909.

Basic - No Cost Solutions
White Papers
Thought leaders, business owners and those who have vast experiences in many of the challenges that business owners face have invested their time and expertise in providing insights, experience and tips into helping other business owners solve their biggest challenges / problems.

Strategy Session
With all that is on the plate of a business owner, knowing what to talk about, what to highlight, where to even focus on finding a solution can be overwhelming.  This short session will help to do that.

Do you ever scratch your head on why people think and do what they do? Numerous videos in this area will help you to understand yourself and others around you in a very different way.


Download the actual grid, lessons, white papers, tools, systems, models, a 110+ page detailed workbook on the Golden Triangle and a whole lot more. 

The Secret About Time
Would you like an extra 20 hours of free time every week? This video series will provide you with those secrets. Guaranteed, it will help you to see time in very different way.

Learn how to see success beyond our wildest dreams. Those who are rich (in every area of their life) are rich because they know and follow the natural laws to success. Success is really the science and the Natural Laws help us to understand that science in a very exciting way.

Intermediate - Low Investment Solutions

Advanced - FASTER Solutions

Business X-Ray
Very power resource to discover specifically where you will gain the most benefit from.  $285 includes it all!

Mastermind Partnerships
12 month program which connects learning, doing and connecting with a lot of great people.

Action Vision
Custom plan, custom one on one coaching.  Includes mastermind groups, online learning and a lot of tools!

Custom comprehensive plan which covers . . .
Area 1: Marketing
Area 2: Pre-Sales
Area 3: The Sale
Area 4: Servicing
Area 5: Client For Life
Profitable Partnerships
. . . all aspects of a business.  BOS certified architects design the master plan for those in your company to implement OR often a far better, more viable and affordable option is to bring in certified Executive Virtual Assistants E-VA’s to do the work.


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